Timeless, elegant atmospheres for the home

Presvert's ability to create timeless, elegant atmospheres emerges from the belief the home is a sacred place from where all the senses are summoned and orchestrated to fulfill the physical, emotional and spiritual life. Our work is based on a few simple principles:

• The natural environment is a design element supporting the essence and the flow of the entire design concept.

• Historical and architectural singularities are resurrected and honored by carefully selecting durable materials, noble textures, antique pieces and intricate interplays of light, shadows and color.

• Time is a key factor to achieve quality craftsmanship, honest restoration and meaningful sustainability.

Presvert delivers well-executed design bridging cultures, history and personal phenotypes.

To discuss your project, please call 1-323-893-9318 or email Presvert.

About Rachel Hildebrandt Rachel studied business and management in her native France. After graduation, she opened her first business in the garment industry in Paris. Her fascination with patterns, textures, and colors lead to refining her taste in favor of classic order, timeless harmonies and authentic materials.

After relocating to California, she spent six years dealing in European antiques. Her clients were aesthetic-minded homeowners and top interior designers. This work made her realize that the home is living painting that can be adjusted to the preferences of its inhabitants.

Soon after becoming a mother in 2007, she started restoring architecturally significant homes while studying interior design. Her love for both California Spanish Revival architecture and California Mediterranean architecture is a reaffirmation that European influences can meet local idiosyncrasies with new standards.

Presvert or "green fields" predicates renewal,
abundance and relaxation:

A field of Royal Green Quetzal plumes 
Fluttering in the fertile green wind…

Photographer: Susanne Hayek